Leackage Proof Pads

A wider back that prevents leakages. A soft touch surface that eliminates rashes.


Easily Disposable

YRW Marketing pads come in discreet disposal covers that make them really easy to dispose.


Different Sizes

As the days change, so does your flow. Customise your pack with heavy, medium or light size.


The fastest way to grow your business with the leaders

YRW Marketing pads are made with plant-based materials, like banana fibre, instead of plastic. After you dispose of them in a waste bin, they can degrade within 6 months!

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    It's a universally accepted fact that periods are anything but regular, so much so that even within the same cycle the flow varies each day! Let's have an unbiased look at the stats, there are at least 3 billion women who menstruate on this planet each month, yet at the slightest mention of a sanitary pad or a period, we as a society get uncomfortable and look away. Even by the most conservative standards, each woman bleeds for almost 7 years of her entire life. That's literally a bloody long time to look away and avoid natural life-giving processes, wouldn't you agree?
    Let's normalize menstruation, let's talk periods together.

    • Pure Paper Top Sheet
    • Rash-Free Experience
    • Multi-Layer Absorption
    • One Box. One Cycle
    • Paraben Free
    • Chlorine Free

    Our Achievements

    With YRW Marketing Pads, you get sanitary napkins customized for each day of your flow (4 for your heavy flow days, 5 for your medium for normal flow days, and 2 panty liners for when your period's end or begin with a light flow) freeing you from the hassle of stacking a variety of pads. Each packet comes with a handy pH Self Test Kit that you can seamlessly use at home to check your vaginal pH in seconds.


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    This Business Opportunity is flexible, it can be taken as a part time or full time business. The Opportunity works in two-fold. Giving you a chance to build your own business at your pace and achieve the rewards and recognition linked to the plan and at the same time, helping other people do the same.

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